When growing, kids are often faced with every day struggles. Most children will experience being discouraged at some point while growing, but the feeling of discouragement occurs much more frequently for a child struggling with ADHD.  The child’s ability to focus can be nearly impossible, restricting them from learning while in school, or even their ability to preform every day tasks. This may cause children to act out or even give up on school. Causing many to assume this is a character flaw or bad parenting.  In this artical I was reading written by ‘THE BUSINESS INSIDER‘they stated “Researchers from Pennsylvania State University and Duke University tracked more than 700 children from across the US between kindergarten and age 25 and found a significant correlation between their social skills as kindergartners and their success as adults two decades later” this artical focuses on a child’s social skills making life altering differences for their future. With ADHD Being one of my own personal struggles, I experienced the difficulties of developing social skills and the disappointment of failing in school. If   A disability is acknowledged by a parent even as early as a toddler it can be life changing in your child’s future and success.